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How to win money at the casino

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How to win money at the casino

What is certain is that if you know exactly how to win money by gambling in a casino, you might have become a rich man.

A person who wastes a lot of money and time and knows more about gambling than ordinary people is called a gambler, and those gamblers don't win money every time.

Nevertheless, I can't earn money (100%) by writing for a few hours and being a guru for gambling.

However, many people asked me questions, so I summarized the following:

Sure way

The most obvious way is to make money by not gambling.

In other words, you will earn as much as you lose.

When you come to Las Vegas and see people playing at the casino, most of them (80-90%) lose their money. The most obvious method is not to do it.

When you come to a trip and say << Now, let's go >> to someone who is gambling at the casino, what most people say is << stop and go if you go >>

Why are you wasting your time and playing a headache?

The easiest way to make a temple is not to do it from scratch.


(1) Management of money (chip / money)

It is true that playing the game is advantageous to the dealer because the dealer is playing with casino money, not the player's own money, and the player is playing with his own money.

That's why I don't want to gamble with money because I'm having trouble.

It is better to do it with someone else's money or just money that you have made.

In other words, if you gamble while thinking that you must win with your own money, you will never lose (100% guarantee).

However, if you bet while thinking that it is good to lose with the money you have earned, you are much more likely to win.

You should never think that the money you bet once is yours.

If you lose by losing, it's natural to lose by losing rather than thinking badly. If you win and win, you should try to think that you're present.

Dealers have an infinite amount of money, and players have a finite amount of money. For example, if the dealer has $100 and the player has $100 and the game runs out and the money runs out, then the odds are half (50%). The dealer is advantageous.

To solve this problem, before starting gambling, the dealer's infinite money must be finite and his finite money infinite. 카지노사이트 In other words, before gambling, you must stand up if you think about how much money you have from the dealer and pick that much.

The way to make finite magnetic money infinite is to determine your basic stake.

You can choose the basic bet by dividing the amount you want to play today by 31.

As an example, if you lose 5 times in a row and rarely win, then 5 times in a row, that day is a bad day, so don't gamble.

How to set the basic bet

Divide the amount you decided to lose in the game today by roughly 30. So the amount that came out is set as the basic bet amount for the day. For example, if you play a game with $200, the basic bet amount is $5. If you play a game with $300, you can set the basic bet amount to $10.

How to determine how much to win

It is the amount determined by finitely calculating the infinite chip of the dealer, so it should never be changed.

In other words, if you decide how much you want to stop if you win a certain amount of money today, if you win the amount of money, you have to wake up without regret. In my dealership experience, I think it's wise to decide that if you gamble and you get the same amount as you would lose, you quit.

To be more stable, it's a good idea to win 50% of the amount you can lose by gambling today.

(2) Time/atmosphere management

It is better to quit or lose within an hour than to do more than an hour. Longer (more than 2 to 3 hours) more people lose than more. When I was a dealer, I saw too many people who lost a lot during one or two hours, and lost after three or four hours.

You should stop when you wake up. In other words, if you lose about $500 and the amount you win is steadily decreasing, you will win next time.

You must stand up unconditionally. (Going to another table)

If you're winning, you won't make any changes when you're winning, while figuring out whether it's time to win or lose. Whether it's coming, or telling the dealer useless words, you have to make some changes.

Winning or losing in gambling is an atmosphere. Gambling is a fight. If you're so addicted to gambling and you can't figure out where you're going now, you shouldn't. It is easy to make a mistake in seeing only the trees in the trees forest and not knowing the shape of the mountains. It is always necessary to look at distant mountains from a distance and grasp the whole.

(3) Relationship

If you're picking up, and the dealer comes to a break and switches to another dealer, it's wise to either reduce the bet to a minimum, or stand up at the table. The reason is that when the dealer changes, the atmosphere often changes rather than maintaining the atmosphere he is picking.

When the dealer keeps bursting and he keeps earning money, he keeps raising the bet amount, so he can only get cards as long as he doesn't burst. Never accept cards. A card received excessively changes the mood completely.

When I'm a dealer, some days I lose a lot of money, and some days no one gets money from me. Now that it's lost, it's going to be fine now, so don't follow it all the way, it's smarter to stop here today and move to another table. (Koreans think you are shy, but you are never shy)

(4) Psychological factors

Psychologically, if you desperately want something, it won't work, but what you don't want will be done well and bother you. In other words, if you decide to become rich by winning money, you will never win (100%), but you will often win if you play as a joke or play (more than 50%).

Never treat a dealer as kindly or as a good person, but rather treat yourself as if you were looking a little shallow. Dealing well with a dealer doesn't give the dealer a good card, nor does the dealer make money. It's better to look disliked at the dealer.

When you're a dealer, people who hate to die get money and those who do well to me often lose money.

Before you start the game, you must decide how much you want to quit and if you lose what you want to do, you must keep it thoroughly. If you can't keep this promise, I'd rather not gamble.

(5) Select the game item

There are various games such as Blackjack / Roulette / Kleb / Baccarat / Paigao / Poca Game / Slot Machine / Poca Machine / Bingo / and you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you. It's okay if you don't know well.

I rather win well in a game I don't know. If no one is playing at the Blackjack table and the dealer is waiting for a guest alone, that table is fine.

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