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Baccarat game basics rules

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Game basics rules

Baccarat was devised based on an ancient Roman legend by a gambler named Felix Falguiere of Italy. According to the legend, nine gods had a nine-faced dice thrown at a blonde-haired maiden, and, as a result, her fate was determined as follows.

1. When 8 or 9 comes out, she becomes a priest,

2. When 6 or 7 comes out, the virginity, which is the prerequisite for the Saint

3. When 5 or less comes out, it quietly goes into the sea and disappears.

This may be why Baccarat is considered synonymous with high-end gambling. In American casinos, the game started around 1920. The rules have changed a bit as we moved to the United States through World Wars I and II.


Baccarat is a game that competes for the number of digits in the end, so it is similar to Gapjagi or Sipgame in Korean style. Baccarat is the biggest gamble among casino games because of simple rules , big bets , and fast progress of the game.

This game is considered to be one of the most attractive games in the casino, especially among Asian players including Chinese. So, if you look at the place where you wrote down the seat number on the table, there are many tables with 4 characters that Asians don't like. There are many Asians who make big money, lose it, and win huge amounts of money.

Baccarat is played according to the established rules, so there is no customer decision at all other than betting like slot machines or roulette. Normally, the game continues with eight cards, but according to Professor Solf's research, there is no effective betting strategy such as Blackjack.

The expected value of Baccarat is calculated to be about -1.17% for a banker and -1.37% for a player. If you only consider the expected value, I would like to emphasize that Baccarat is a game that is less unfavorable to customers after blackjack and craps using the basic strategy, but it is a very dangerous game due to the high speed of over 150 editions per hour.

How to play

Baccarat is a game in which the total number of cards among Bankers and Players is close to 9.

Usually, 7 people sit and play, and there is a number for each seat on the table (to determine who is sitting at which seat number when calculating the 5% commission). Each player is the closest to 9 of the player or banker. 토토 Bet on the same place. Players and bankers each receive 2 cards (no more than 3 cards). Baccarat plays with 8 decks of cards. When playing cards, the first and third cards belong to the player, and the second and fourth cards belong to the banker.

Calculate the card score from 2 to 9 as it is, 10, J, Q, and K are calculated as '0' and'A' is calculated as 1. (6+4=10 → 0, 7+8=15 → 5 , 7+8+6=21 → 1)

After the first start, if there is a natural (the first number is 8 or 9, it is called Natural , and natural 9 is the best hand in Baccarat), the score is compared and the game ends, and if neither hand is natural, the player receives a third card. It is determined by the rules. The case of receiving the third card will be explained in each rule below.

Mathematically, the probability that the banker will win is 1.5% higher than the player. Therefore, if the banker wins, he will pay a 5% commission on the bet, but after subtracting the 5% commission, he will get the money back.(There are many places to collect and collect every time the dealer changes)

If the player and banker have the same total, this is a tie , or draw, and the player and banker bet is neither paid nor taken.

Since the game is played by the dealer and the decision to win is decided according to the principle of receiving the cards below, the bettors can know whether or not they win or lose after the dealer's deal. Baccarat games are played according to the rules, so there is no choice for the player to receive more cards. In other words, you aren't winning and losing because you're good at it, and the winner is determined by how you bet (player/banker/tie) and how you bet .

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