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Texas Hold'em Poker

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7 Card Stud Poker dominated, but this game is mainly used at all casinos due to the adoption of this game in various competitions.

The casino places a small plastic disc with "Dealer" written to indicate the dealer's location. This disc is called a "Button". Think of the dealer as the person with this button in front.

When a game is complete, the button is transferred to the player on the left, so those who participate in the game have the same chance to have a button (to be a dealer).

Usually the Texas Hold'em 바카라사이트 game has a special and simple betting structure. In other words, bets are always divided into special sizes, and players can choose a game with the wrong amount of money.

For example, if you use "10-20 games", the bet amount should always be $10 or $20, and you will never bet on $16, $34, or $2. Also, in "2-4 games" you must always place a $2 or $4 bet.


To start a 10-20 game, the player sitting on the left side of the button must have placed $5 before the card is dealt, and the player sitting on the left side must have placed $10.

This combined amount is called "Blind". This is called "blind" because you have to put money in before seeing any cards. At this time, $5 is called "Small Blind" and $10 is called "Big Blind".

Just as with the 7-card stud, you have to put the money in first, just like in the Texas Hold'em, you play the game with the blind amount first.

In most games that fight against casinos, there is a way to play card games, which is close to the basics of mathematical statistics and analysis. However, this game is not against a casino, but rather it is a game where players sitting together compete against each other, so the personality and characteristics of each player are more important than the mathematical statistics of the cards, and the psychological attitude of the human being, that is, the opponent's mind. It is most important to read.

You don't need a natural talent to play this game well, you don't have to have a good head to count and read cards well, and it doesn't mean that you'll have to keep trying for years.

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