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Introduction to online roulette

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What is a roulette game?

A type of casino gambling, classified as a table game.

This is a game in which players place their chips and the dealer drops a chain of beads into a circular rotating mechanism, and the winnings and dividends are determined by the number of stops.

There are many areas where you can bet, such as each number or even number or sum of numbers.

Roulette's invention, like most other casino games, is not accurate. It is said that this game originated from ancient China, originally associated with 37 statues.

It was later said to have been transformed from 토토사이트 Tibet before being adopted by the French Dominican monks.

Basic game configuration

1. The roulette board consists of a total of 38 partitions with black and red intersecting numbers with numbers 1 through 36 and green cells with numbers "0" and "00". When the game starts, the ball is rolled onto the roulette board to see which space the ball is in.

2. Odds and wins vary depending on the betting method. For more information, please check the game method.

3. In order to prevent confusion when multiple members place bets at the same time, each betting chip is for each participating member.

You will play the game with chips separated by the unique color.

Roulette game details

The table has been drawn rectangular grid of 00 numbers are listed, so that you can dial a 0 to 36 chips, and there are over-the-counter options is depicted in a different betting options on the border of the grid. Depending on the type of roulette, there may be no 00, and the arrangement of other numbers is slightly different. The image above is only an example and is not absolute.

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